Rockland Repeater Association

147.165     147.105     145.170     146.460     443.850     444.450     444.850     449.875     442.800      441.950     445.125     223.820      927.850     53.370     29.640


The Rockland Repeater Association was formed on April 1, 1975 by a group of  Rockland Amateurs interested in improving communications throughout Rockland and the surrounding counties, to pursue the establishment of high quality VHF and UHF repeaters, and for the sheer enjoyment of the hobby. Planning and technical coordination started in September of 1974 and we were actually licensed and in operation by mid-February , 1975 with the call sign WR2AJH on 147.165mhz. When repeater calls were discontinued by the FCC, the main repeater assumed the call sign of the President, N2BJ, until he moved out of the area in 1990. Then, John Samuels became President and the main repeater had his call sign, K2CIB from 1990 until March of 2005.  When John announced his departure to Florida, a meeting of the Executive Board was called.  Adam, N2ACF was voted President to take effect on April 1, 2005, the club's 30th birthday! Adam decided to obtain a club call for the main repeater.  Today, the repeater ID's with the vanity call sign WB2RRA.

The Repeater Association has always been anxious to provide emergency and public service communications and will offer it's facilities for these purposes whenever they are needed. County RACES, ARES, and SKYWARN emergency groups regularly use the RRA repeaters.